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The Glee & Gains of Remote Work

Before I blogged about working from home, I spent a good deal of time reading and experiencing working from home

Work From Home - a word that is on the jaw of every conventional individual who used to be the habitual of office box.

Pandemic of 2020 have dragged every corporate in WFH scenario. According to a study 59% employees worldwide who have been WFH during Covid-19, prefers to continue to work remotely as a result of which many corporates have released this facility for the lifetime.

Remote work has not only benefited the employees but also the company to some extent. It has set a culture of Innovation, Creativity and Performance.

A standard survey found that employees who work from home are 13% more productive than their in-office counterparts.

"TIME SAVED" is another key benefit. Whether its a 2 hours commute or an hour's drive through rush hour traffic. It's time they will never get back. When working from home, an employee arrives fresh and raring to go.

Remote Work has given real goals to an individual for a perfect Work-Life balance. Working from any location, spending time with family, flexible work hours is all you want for a happy life. People who were not able to take holidays from work and couldn't spend time with family are all on roll now because they don't need to worry about their punching anymore. You surely can take your family on a vacation and can also work side by side.

Additionally if we consider current covid scenes, Remote Work will reduce the risk of illnesses being spread around the office. Moreover 82% of remote workers reported lower stress levels.

Remote work has removed the demographic limitations. You can now enjoy working with the company of your choice from anywhere on the Globe.

If you are an employee, after reading my blog you surely would like to opt for Remote Work (if you haven't opted till now) and If you are an employer you should definitely offer Work From Home facility to your employees because the world is changing and so should we.

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Tejas Bhatt
Tejas Bhatt
01 déc. 2020

Great information 👍

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